Platteville United Methodist Church is made up of singles, couples and families: children and teens, and young, middle and older adults. Some of us have been members for 60 years. Others are new to our community. We would love to welcome you to our church family as well! Hope to see you soon!


Senior Pastor

Reverend Rafael Cubilette comes from the Island of La Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. He was born and grew up, in the Dominican Republic, with Roman Catholic and Evangelical religious backgrounds. He came to the United States for the first time in 1991, where he became familiar with the United Methodist Church. Since that time, he has been a member of the United Methodist Church. Rafael became a U.S. citizen in 2016.
He is the oldest of eleven children. His mother was a teacher in a rural elementary school for 28 years. His father was a carpenter who served in different areas. He is married to Mariana Vargas, an Auditor at the Ministry of Superior Education Science and Technology (MESCYT) at Santiago, DR. They have seven daughters, one boy, fourteen grandchildren, and a dog. Three children are living in Puerto Rico and five in Madison.


April Richardson

Communications Specialist/Administrative Assistant

April is the friendly smile you see when you walk in to the church during the week or the friendly voice you hear when you call the office. She loves being able to work daily with the amazing staff and wonderful congregation members. When she is not working, she is spending time with her husband, Tucker. She also enjoys spending time with family, and friends, reading, watching movies or cuddling with​ their mini-dachshund, Flynn.

Dustin Nunn

Director of Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries

You may have seen Dustin around this past year, particularly on Wednesday nights as he has been leading the 7th – 12th Grade Youth Group. For those of who have been long time members, you may have recognized him as occasionally being around over the past 10 – 15 years. His wife Gail, has been a member at this church since she was as young as their two daughters, Zea and Felicity. As Director of Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries at Platteville UMC, his main job to help help raise leaders within the church.

Lori Dye

Finance Manager

Lori Dye is our new Finance Manager. She is originally from Lancaster. She graduated from UW-Platteville in 2003 and after four years of living in St. Louis, MO, her family settled in Platteville and are happy to call it their home. She and her husband, Jeff, are blessed with four wonderful daughters, who keep their schedules very full. Lori views her most important job as being a mom and wife, raising their daughters and supporting her husband with his practice at Live Well Chiropractic.

Tracy Harle

Housekeeping/Event Planning/Outreach Coordinator

Tracy’s primary focus is cleaning the building. Tracy (Mair) Harle is a lifelong member of the Platteville United Methodist Church. She is married to Mark and has two children: Leah and James. Tracy is also in charge of Event Planning and she is our Outreach Coordinator. She loves being able to plan events that helps reach into the community and share the love of Jesus!

John Mulcahy


John is our go-to fix-it guy! He has been an incredible addition to our staff. John is a retired police officer, who lives in Belmont with his wife, Irma. You need something done, John is your guy!

Ellen  Carnahan

Sunday School Superintendent

Ellen and her husband, Dave joined the Platteville United Methodist Church in 1979, and they have both been involved in many activities and committees since then. She has been teaching Sunday School at the preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade level for 37 years. In 1982, Gail Trouten called to ask Ellen to teach the preschool class….she was a teacher who at that time had only taught 3rd and 4th grades. She told Gail she didn’t know anything about preschoolers! Gail assured her that, since she had a 2-year-old of her own, she did indeed know about that age group. That phone call changed her life! Ellen found that working with young children was her life mission, and she has thoroughly enjoyed interacting with young students in Sunday School classes and VBS programs ever since. She now has the children of some of her first Sunday School students in her classes! Since 2011, she has been acting as the Sunday School Superintendent for our Church.

Nancy  Fairchild


Nancy Fairchild has been our organist since 1982. As the story goes, she was ‘stolen’ from the Lancaster United Methodist Church where she had served as their organist for only 7 years. Nancy is a retired instrumental music teacher who is busier in music now more than ever. In addition, she taught Elementary Music Methods courses at the University of Wisconsin Platteville from 2000-2016. Besides music, she enjoys traveling, swimming, training for triathlons and spending time with her family, husband, and her grandchildren.

Deb  Putnam​

Mallow Ringers Director​

Deb has been an active member of the United Methodist Church for 41 years. She graduated
from UW-Platteville with a music education degree and was hired in 1978 by Rev. Richard Jones to organize two hand bell choirs—Junior and Senior. She has been director of the hand bell choirs for over 40 plus years. In the 1990s, several high school hand bell choirs were formed and participated at the District and State levels of Solo & Ensemble contests. The Mallow Ringers have been to two national hand bell festivals, have played at weddings and funerals, ​performed ​many concerts and​ participated in numerous ​worship services in area churches.

Dean  Goninen

Redeemer Director​

Dean was a member of the Contemporary Praise Band for over 7 years at Platteville UMC and now leads the youth praise band Redeemer as they approach their 10th year. Dean enjoys giving youth an opportunity to serve the church in a fun and unique way that utilizes their talents and helps them grow into great young adults. For nearly 20 years, Dean has worked at Lifeline Audio Video Technologies in Platteville, now as the Operations Manager. Some may not know that Dean also has been a voice on local radio for over 30 years in southwest Wisconsin.